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About Detroit Disposal and Recycling

Our Family-Owned Disposal Company Thrives and Serves Businesses in the Heart of Detroit

Formed in 2015, Detroit Disposal & Recycling, LLC (DDR) is a City of Detroit Headquartered Company, operating out of our renovated historic fire station complex on 10 acres of industrial property on E. Milwaukee St. near Russell in the “Milwaukee-Junction” district of Detroit. We provide special “neighborhood” pricing for all businesses currently operating in the City of Detroit.

DDR currently operates a fleet of brand new trucks and containers, providing same day and next day service to all of our customers.  The owners and upper management have a combined 100+ years experience in the metro Detroit solid waste hauling and recycling market.  While we operate to provide the best customer service in Michigan, we do so with a strong focus on safety.  At DDR, safety comes first in everything we do.

Meet Our Team

John G. Francis

As President of Detroit Disposal & Recycling (DDR), John oversees all business operations with an enhanced focus on company infrastructure and operations. John brings over 30 years of industry experience alongside astute business acumen and an unrivaled sense of competitiveness. Starting the company in 2015 in a fully renovated historic former DFD Fire Station just north of Downtown Detroit, DDR has since grown to a fleet of over 20 trucks and 50 employees. While not building and running Detroit Disposal, John enjoys boating on the Great Lakes with his wife Kim, as well as hiking in Northern Michigan and Colorado, downhill skiing, cooking and reading.

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Kyle J. Cappelletty
Vice President

As Vice President of Detroit Disposal & Recycling (DDR), Kyle oversees DDR’s sales team and marketing operations. His responsibilities also include assisting with field operations, container inventory, account retention, and collections.     

Kyle started as an Account Executive in September of 2018. He was promoted to Sales Manager in January of 2019 and then Vice President in October of 2020. Kyle brings 10+ years of sales experience, 5+ years of industry experience and a solution centered strategy to every challenge. A team first player his whole career, Kyle continues to drive a collaborative work environment with a focus on customer satisfaction. When Kyle is not working, he enjoys golf, fishing, reading, and spending time with his wife and two daughters.  

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John Francis, Jr
Operations Manager

As Operations Manager of Detroit Disposal & Recycling, John Jr. is responsible for operations concerning commercial and roll-off accounts. This includes working with the company’s sales team, dispatch and customers to coordinate a smooth execution of services provided. John Jr. draws on the knowledge of the veteran professionals within the company as well as his bachelor’s degree in Communications Management and Business Administration obtained from the University of Dayton.

John began in his role as Operations Manager in the Spring of 2022, after years of spending summers off of school working in various other capacities of the operations team. This new role is one John Jr. has taken on with extreme care and dedication, always putting DDR’s customers first. It has been a life-long dream of John Jr.’s to work underneath his father and other top management within DDR to learn as much as possible and strive to continue the brand’s level of communication, timeliness and professionalism. When John Jr. is not working, he spends time traveling to Northern Michigan taking part in skiing, snowmobiling and hiking with friends and siblings.

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Matt Reno
Account Executive

Matt Reno, a Sales Executive for Detroit Disposal & Recycling, LLC, joined the Company in January of 2017, shortly after it was formed.

Through his hard work and dedication to customer service, he has helped Detroit Disposal grow annually to become one of the biggest and most respected Detroit-owned and operated waste haulers. 

As a lifelong Detroiter and 15+ years of experience in the industry, he has helped form long term relationships between Detroit Disposal and customers of all sizes. This "old school" approach reflects the core values of Detroit Disposal, specifically when it comes to always putting the customer first. Matt enjoys coaching High School and Summer League Baseball, which he has done for the last 35 years. He also enjoys spending time with his wife, 4 children, and 4 step children.

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Mike Buzzell
Operations Manager

As Operations Manager, Mike brings to the table over 30-years of experience hauling trash in Southeast Michigan. Mike's career has been very aligned with John Sr.'s as they have worked together for decades in various capacities and with multiple companies. It is the combination of a long-time relationship with the owner and intimate knowledge of the front-line employee's day-to day-duties that makes him an effective and wise leader of Detroit Disposal's fleet. Mike is an integral part of the routing process for both roll-off and front-load, as he more likely than not has serviced each account under DDR's book of business.

When Mike is not at work, he enjoys spending time with his children and grandchildren, golfing, bowling, softball and taking pristine care of his 1969 Chevrolet Camaro Z-28.

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Cheryl Plets
Office Manager

As Office Manager, Cheryl is responsible for overseeing the financial aspects of the company, H.R., vendor relations, and the day-to-day office environment. Cheryl has been with DDR since the company’s inception, bringing a trustworthy, caring and dependable work ethic each and every day. Working with John Sr. in other capacities over the years, Cheryl has a strong understanding of the culture within DDR and furthers its goals as the company grows. Simply put, she is the “Momma Bear” of DDR, someone who employees and customers alike know can be counted on to help with any issue. Putting an emphasis on stellar customer service and being in tune with each employee’s needs, Cheryl proves time and time again what it takes to keep things running smoothly.

When not at work, Cheryl is a mother of two, Tyler Ann and Kyle. She enjoys spending time with her husband, Jeff, and is a proud pet owner of two dogs, Odin and Gigi as well as a cat, Rocky.

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Jayson Jackson
Supervising Driver, Roll-off

As Supervising Driver for the Roll-off fleet, Jayson leads by example in showing the upmost care to the equipment, customers and others on the road. Jayson is known to be dependable for major accounts such as Wayne State University, USPS-George Young, Detroit Institute of Arts and many more in the downtown area. It is through his dedication to his work and many years with Detroit Disposal, Jayson has learned how things should be done the correct and safest way. Because of this, Jayson is depended upon to oversee the fleet to make sure each roll-off driver is striving to do so as well. Jayson also lends his wisdom to the Operations Team in terms of routing for on-call roll-off services.

When Jayson is not at work, he enjoys being with his family, going to his children’s sporting events, and vacationing to various destinations. 

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Chris Tillman
Supervising Driver, Front-load

As Supervising Driver for the Front-load fleet, Chris is responsible for the downtown Detroit route, which is the company’s largest in terms of customer density. The route services the entirety of Wayne State’s Campus as well as many other well-regarded establishments across the city. Chris is also known for his willingness to be a ‘team player’ when the going gets tough, and is viewed as nothing less than a professional in his trade. Having driven front-load routes spanning all over Southeast Michigan, Chris’ expertise is drawn on by novice front-loaders who are coming up in the industry. At times, Chris has lent a hand to the Operations team with routing and other decisions regarding the front load fleet.

Outside of work, Chris spends time with his family, watching college and professional sports, and exercising.